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One that is constantly on the nut.
That big bitch Rosie O'Donnel is an ugly nut leech.
by mackelslap December 21, 2008
A promiscuous woman, though no reason is apparent wants your nuts in and around her mouth
"how's that nut leech scott?"
"eh, ok i guess, i keep turning her down, but i swear she wants my nuts."
by Phoenix2222 November 23, 2008
A promiscuous woman, who, although most of the time the attention might not be as desired, wants to suck your nut-sack and/or preform various other sexual acts with you, or with you watching
"dude, whats going on with you and Betty?"
"well, i have no idea, she keeps giving me all these signs, and i keep turning her down, but she doesn't seem to be getting the signals"
"ha, sounds like you have yourself a regular Nut Leech"
by Kirean22 October 21, 2008