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A person's (hopefully a man's) goatee.
Phil is trying to grow a nut duster.
by Nick January 18, 2004
A small patch of hair on a mans chin. Not exactly a goatee because it's not connected to a mustache, but bigger than a soul patch. Commonly used in a derogatory manner.
Man, check out this picture of Ethan Hawke. He's sporting a bitchin' nut duster.

Michael thinks he's so cool since he grew that goofy looking nut duster. Somebody should tell him to shave.

by jmoney1776 March 02, 2009
A style of facial hair also known as a soul patch. It's a small patch of hair on the chin just below the lip. It would be in the perfect position to dust off a set of nuts that would be on the man's chin as was performing fellatio.
It's not a soul patch, it's a nutduster!
by shaft311 September 02, 2008

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