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What comes out of an old man's testicles when he ejaculates.
Old Grandpa finally came after all these years, nothing came out but nut dust.
by TJ0169ga September 10, 2009
the dusty substance that can occur around the male genitalia due to lack of use and hygeine
'my nut dust was a nasal irritant to the whore who's face was burried in my crotch'
by Rich Piper May 08, 2006
(n.) the dust-like crumb left at the bottom of a nut container
At the bottom of every can of Planter's Peanuts, there is a generous layer of nut dust.
by DemonMoses January 01, 2012
(slang) Common term in anarchist-vegan circles for nutritional yeast (a vegan condiment).
Put some nut dust on that kale!
by TakeItBack February 13, 2012
The think sludge substance that is in you mouth after you eat a large amount of nuts (almonds, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and the famous cheddar cheese nuts). - Matty Mary
Ohh shit Duder...I got alot og nut dust after eating those nuts in the movie.
by Matty Mary July 19, 2006
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