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n. ejaculate; cum; sperm

Originates from Smodcast (Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier podcast) Episode 91 at the 52:44 mark where guest Malcolm Ingram credits uber-producer Scott Mosier with the genesis of the term.
"After the Nut Mud leaves my dick, I'm done. I'm very self-loathing."
by Ned Smitty September 09, 2009
Coined by Scott Mossier as a word for male semen.
He pulled out and blasted her with his nutmud.
by HypnoBug August 11, 2009
When your banging a chick so hard she farts out a little shit on to your balls. Also see Mud Flaps.
"I was fucking that chick so hard she blew out a little nut mud."
by MR. SHARKEY February 19, 2007

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