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The milky, somewhat creamy substance found on or around the scrotum and taint meat area after a long days work in the heat. Also see duck butter.
After a long, humid afternoon of mowing the grass, Mitch had some serious nut butter. He needed a shower.
by bshizzile September 15, 2006
13 35
the horrible smelling sweat in between your ballsack and your leg
my nut butter reeks
by scott wakeling March 24, 2003
186 54
The horrible smelling mixture of sweat and nastyness that accumulates between a mans ball sack and taint. When guys stick their hands in there pants and then smell it they're testing the flavor of their nut butter
Dude, I've got a good batch of nut butter going right now.
by lukesmith5841 September 14, 2007
89 30
Swamp ass of the balls.
Damn this muthafuckin' heat, I have a serious case of nutbutter.
by mun0z November 24, 2002
46 17
A mixture of sweat from the ballsack and anus, urine and or semen. Basically, an accumulation of grime that forms on your gooch/taint.
Oh shit, I hope Andy remembered to clean his nut butter before fucking his sister Jenny.
by Chris Tait December 02, 2007
61 38
n. cum
I churned up some nutbutter on the sheets.
by anonymous November 06, 2003
40 19
from greek origins it describes the stuff that is born in your ballsack and often times ends up in ones hand, mouth or in certain cases asshole and vagina
or semen
i love to rub nut butter in her hair
i enjoy my nut butter nice and hot with white cream
by mcgoogle stick January 28, 2005
69 57
n. An abbreviated form of "Peanut Butter".
Charlie- "I'm hungry. Do you have any PB&J?"

Kyle- "Yeah great idea!. No wait, I'm out of 'nutbutter."
by Lil'Sexy727 September 02, 2010
2 1