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Abusive, unfriendly unkind registered nurse, often drunk with power with little regard for his or her patients.
That Nursebag rolled his eyes at me when I arrived in the ER with abdominal pain. Thankfully another RN realized I was in acute pain and required immediate help.

The RN on the phone was more concerned about going home on time then helping a patient with chest pain. What a Nursebag!

Most Notorious Example of a Nursebag is: Nurse Mildred Ratched is the head administrative nurse at the Salem, Oregon State Hospital, a mental institution where she exercises near-absolute power over the patients' access to medications, privileges, and basic necessities such as food and toiletries. She capriciously revokes these privileges whenever a patient displeases her. (From Wikipedia)
by gingerbeardboy March 09, 2012
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