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Nurgery is the term used by leading cosmetic surgery providers, The Hospital Group for the rise in men and women wanting to tweak their looks by using non invasive treatments such as facial peels, botox, fillers, teeth whitening and laser vein removal.

The rise is attributed to Hollywood A listers looking fresh and natural without looking ‘done’.

During the 80’s and 90’s there was a trend for cosmetic surgery to be prominent and obvious in many TV and movie stars both in the US and the UK, such as Pamela Anderson and Jordan, aka Katie Price. Now many men and women just want a small change to their natural looks, with many treatments available to rejuvenate and reduce ageing signs.
I’m looking a little tired of late, but I don’t want anything too drastic, I’m thinking of having a little nurgery.
by Cosmetic surgery experts July 05, 2010

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