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(Pron: nun-ner-eyes)

The process of altering one's rythm and tone of speech to replicate that of Robin Nunnery.

Key features of nunnerisation:
- Stress is placed on the ends of words and long vowel sounds
- Phrases should mostly end on a high tone
- Nunnerised speech should usually be accompanied by excessive chin-stroking
- Mis-representation of abbreviations is commonplace among nunneric speakers
- Word stresses may be deliberately altered or moved to give the word a specific sound
1) Phil used a few nunnerised adjectives to stress the vulgarity of the sentence

2) The process of nunnerisation has become an art

3) Stop nunnerising immediately!

4) Nunneric adjectives are not to be used

5) I was nunnerising every word
by Nora Glover January 28, 2009
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