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a girl who tends to have extremely sick moves and chants MARTIN while r martin shots her 3's. has a sick nasty shot and thinks shes about 5 feet taller than what she actually is. plays a guard but does post moves. she enjoys rubbing jeanie the right way. takes dirty pictures on her computer pretending to be jeanie's hoe. has her baby. eats raw cookie dough and sends texts at 11 at night quoting OLD GREG. enjoys singing the old greg song. she tends to resemble a dino. but is loved anyways. skips school to tan and makes her husband forfeit the newly wed game. waves her arms like a total retard and thinks she's pretty cool.. which she is
see that girl over there? the one running around like shes on crack? that girl is a total nunaa!
by martinnnnnn23782342 June 11, 2008
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