Numphy - an alcoholic concoction containing the likes of whipped cream vodka, vanilla cream ginger ale, and Starbucks doubleshot. -quite the masterpiece-
"Dude that numphy i ordered at Blah Blah was off the hook yo."
by 6daboss9 January 04, 2012
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An annoying, obnoxious, dumb person. Someone you do not like. Fake, shit-starter. Basically, everything bad about a person, rolled up in one.
Did you see that numphy? Who does she think she is?
by Bridgette&Heidi February 10, 2011
A person you do not like, someone resembling a knome or leprachaun. Or with a weird look about them in general. A bitch, dumbass, shit-starter, asshole. Can be male/female. Normally short, and fat and extremely annoying.
Why do people even talk to him? He's a effing numphy.
by Bridgette&Heidi February 10, 2011

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