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the shortest haircut you can get also known as a buzz cut.
I'll have a number 1 haircut please.
by Jaspurr September 30, 2011
552 39
Always look out for number 1.
by TheFrogPrints October 29, 2011
675 69
to always be looking out and paying extra close attention to the wellbeing of ones self and not care about those around themselves
i see that tim blyth's (no vowel!) looking out for number 1 again i see
by Aidan Allt October 11, 2004
539 78
someone who is number 1 is someone popular who talks to a lot of girls.
Dayuuuum, you see Abe over there talking with those 5 girls, hes such a Number 1!!!
by dj in the mix April 07, 2011
91 13
Your most top clothes. The clothes you would wear to a ball, fancy dinner, job interview, etc..
Kent: Scatman, see your wearing your number 1's eh,

Scatman: Yeah, been trying to get a job as a hydraulics engineer

Kent: Sounds serious, you wanna get high?

Scatman: Yeah
by Kbud November 05, 2007
2 2
An Awesome guy, a men amongst men. The kind of guy that has ladies frothing at the gash. Titled number 1 because hes the best ride a girl could have. Her number1.
That Jay, he fucked me six ways from Sunday he's my number1.

He is an awesome guy, a real number1.

My gash has never taken a pounding like that before, a true number 1.
by Number1guy April 24, 2009
2 3
To urinate. Also see number 2
"This will be quick, I just gotta' take a number 1."
by x January 31, 2003
137 564