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When one takes a shit for so long, their legs go numb and they have a ring around their ass from the toilet seat...a NumbRinger
Ray-Ray: I was over at Big Fat DaQuisha's house the other day and she came wobblin' out of the bathroom, bumpin into walls and barely standing up straight.

T-Bone: Whaaaaat????? What the hell was her problem?

Ray-Ray: That's what I asked...That's when she told me she was on the toilet for 45 minutes and had herself a NumbRinger.

T-Bone: Damn dude...that's the worst...she must go 3 bills. Did you see the ring?

Ray-Ray: Naw...her's legs was numb so I took her word for it.

T-Bone: Smart.

Ray-Ray: NumbRinger smart!
by Bizboo November 10, 2009
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