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Refers to snacks;most notably cookies, preferrably chips ahoy or keeblers. Are commonly consumed along with a beverage, most notably water(poland spring or dasani will do just fine). Num Nums are not your average, run of the mill snack, and shall in no instances be confused with "munchies". Num Nums are often used as a way to escape terrible moments in life(ie fires, bad break ups, double periods of science lab classes,encounters with the "wrong crowd"). Num Nums are not for everyone. Woman are only allowed to have num nums on there birthday; sambos are only allowed to have num nums if it means havig the stregnth to save a non sambo
Person 1: Yo son, I dont know if I'm going to make it, you gotta help me!

Person 2: I know, you should head off and get some num nums!

(15 minutes later)

Person 2: SO how are you feeling?

Person1 : Well, I'm all good now. I had my num num's and water. And on the way here, I got my nuts wet and beat a sambo!

Person 2: Well there you have it! num Nums save the day yet again!again
by annonymous Sambo April 10, 2008
10 21
A word used to describe snack foods.
I'm hungry, I need some "Num Nums."
by Jesse Bier July 15, 2003
163 54
1. A childish way to describe pleasant-tasting food, similar to 'yum'. Rather like 'yum' it is also used to describe something appealing to senses other than taste.

2. Baby-talk for food.

3. An abbreviation for 'number'.
1. "Num num.. that's good pie."

2. "Mmm, baby food.. num nums for babykins!"

3. Num 3, num 4.
by Rip Van Winkle August 12, 2005
136 63
Tasty snacks and/or treats.
There were some delicious numnums at the party.
by Miggy Dub December 05, 2006
42 11
Breast milk
Look at the mommy breast feeding the baby.... I wish I could get some of that num num!!!
by olliepervert August 18, 2010
59 33
Food,Snack anything that is pleasing to ones mouth.
Scotty- Dude im hungry
Pedro- Yea for real, lets get some serious num nums
by qu1ckdr4w February 19, 2008
37 22
A description of many enjoyable things
Woah, this is good icecream! NUM NUMS!!!

I wish my parents allowed me to have a sex! NUM NUMMMSS!!!
by P. S January 26, 2005
74 59
Similar to "Noms" but used for sweet things like Ice Cream or Candy.
All your Num-Num's are belong to me!
by DietBroccoli December 10, 2008
6 1