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A form of the word niggah. More fun to say too.
Sup nukkuh, you got dat weeeed?
by NOxTIX November 29, 2004
A word generally used by white people because we can't say nigga.

Often claimed by people, when in reality, nobody owns the word
"Yo dawg, what's poppin"

"Nukkah, your white!"
by Pyro In A Cage September 17, 2005
A friendly, non-racist greeting (for caucasians only) derived from the word "Nigger".
My Nukkah back in D.C been holdin' down the east since 87'.
by Andrew Adams August 09, 2005
a substitute for ones own name, or the names of others. can also be used as an adjective.
Wuz the daym deal nukkah!

yo azz is messin with the wrong nukkah!

by sarah February 18, 2003
when a white boy wants to call a black person a 'nigger' but is afraid he'll get an asswhopin' if he does. So he changes the word ever so slightly to form the word 'nukkah'
shut up nukkah
fuck yo couch nukkah
yo nukkah, you got dee weeed bro?
naaaah playa, i know you didn' jus' give that nukkah our weeed.
#nukkah #nuk #nuk-nuk #nu-nu #kah
by miketen July 03, 2006
When a white boy is too scared to say "nigger", he replaces it with nukkah, thus showing that he's politically correct, and a white boy nerd.
Sup nukkah! I love you, my black friend, along with my asian, middle eastern, and hispanic buddies!
by Danny July 26, 2003
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