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Pronounced : NŪẀ-nū(h)or NOO-noo

Is a word describing a male, or females genitalia. Can also be used in vulgarity replacing the slang word Dick, or pussy. Can also mean dumb, or stupid, but also in some cases means funny, or hilarious.
See NuNu, or NooNoo
Man, that guy is such a fucking nukhnukh.
Don't be a frikin nukhnukh just go on the ride it's just a roller coaster.

Haha , you are such a nukhnukh you make me lauph way too much!
#synonyms: dick #piece of shit #pussy #idiot #dumb-ass #smart #nice #antonyms: nothing #you have no point in life #you -are-a- failure
by KiwiBird31 May 10, 2009
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