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1. To have the properties of a McDonald's Chicken Nugget.

2. An adjective describing the overwhelming feeling one has when you eat a McDonald's Chicken Nugget.
1. "Hey Loz, how's your Maccas going?"

2. "How do you feel after eating your Maccas?"
"Aww, so nuggety!"
by kavdog May 16, 2010
Describes something or someone that is overwhelmingly cute, generally small in stature, and evokes great happiness in the viewer.
That dog is so damn nuggety! I wanna kill it with a sword its so cute.
by G V B October 17, 2012
An adjective used in Australian Rules Football to describe a player (usually and onballer) who is short and stout.
The nuggety onballer just kicked an amazing goal
by Rosstopher23 March 17, 2011