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Being a stoner; smoking weed. Also is a restiverb; combines Tupac's THUG LIFE with Nug, meaning a bud of marijuana
You blazin' today?
Fasho, nug life.
by nuglifee December 07, 2009
A cute,adorable toddler's life. They make people stop and look at their cuteness!
I used to have a nug-life when I was a super cute toddler.
by CarolineHardt December 30, 2011
Nug Life originated in Zanesville, Ohio.
It started with a few friends getting together and eating insane amounts of Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds.

The OG's of Nug Life are reffered to as Nug Nuts.

McDonalds Cashier:"Hello sir what would you like?"
Nug Nut:"I will take five 20-piece nugs. NUG LIFE!"
McDonalds Cashier:"Please pull around to the first window."
by #1NugNut January 02, 2009
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