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A less offensive way of saying Nigga. Often used by Grey Guys because they think they won't get their asses kicked if they use that instead.
Grey Guy: 'Saaaaay Nuckka!'
Black Guy: 'Shut up cracker before I smack your lips off'
Grey Guy: 'Oh, aiight den'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 12, 2004
11 6

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Someone who steals your bike or VCR.
Hey, nuckka gimme back muh bike.
by Mac Ditty November 19, 2003
10 6
This word can be replaced with words such as: sucka, wanksta, nigga, gangsta etc. Most accuretly replaced with a word to describe a sucker or a looser.
I got a new ride, nuckka!
Wud up mah nuckka!
I told you that the sky would be a pretty blue, nuckka!
by Sophia April 21, 2003
5 5