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Southern Texas city. area code 830
Welcome to Nucas TX. dirty 830 bitch.
by nucas-resident February 04, 2011
Back of the Neck.

Getting a fine ass blow job from a little hottie where you are able to grab her by the "back of the neck" and help her blow even better...even deeper!!

Defined in the lyrics of N2Deep's "Back to the Hotel"

These lyrics were and still are often mistaken for "New Cock" where many thought that these rappers where flamin' homos...which was not true, especially when you get the true definition of this one real lyric.
Check out that fine ass Ho!!! I bet she sucks a 'meeeaaaan dick!!!' I gotta Jimmy in my glove...I'm gonna swoop her back to the hotel...I gotta get some Nuca!!!
by Rkballer May 27, 2010

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