Nubbin': (Also known as afterpain) Is an intense nuckle punch leading to severe pain or handicap after about 10 seconds of receiving the nubbin'.

A nubbin' is given by bending the middelfinger and the index finger and preferably punching the recipient in the shoulder, all though most other boney places should give the same effect.
Nina: Guess what i have i my hands!

Anna: i dont know, what?

Nina: NUBBIN'S!!!

Anna: HA! That didn't even hurt

Nina: Wait for iiittt.....


Nina: Theeere we go.
by Nubbin411 January 17, 2013
Top Definition
A third Nipple
"Holy shit! you have a nubbin!!"
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
In England, a nubbin is a clitoris.
Sometimes referred to as pleasure nubbin.
Lisa Riley's pleasure nubbin is the size of a plum.
by chris1h1 July 03, 2005
1. small breasts
2. nipples
3. fingers
1. Check your nubbins! They're hanging out of your bathing suit, Savanna!
2. My nubbins look like milk duds!
3. Get your nubbins off me gold!
by Krazy K October 19, 2003
Broke, no money, zero funds, particularly appropriate in a gambling context.
"That last flop killed me, I'm down to the nubbins".
by oso blanco September 27, 2006
A third nipple or boob.
Holy shit! Rita has a nubbin!!
by Dan Stevens March 06, 2005
the little nub in the center of most laptop computers that acts as a mouse.
"Hey guys! Check out my new computer! Who wants to touch my nubbin?"
by Kid Aqua December 15, 2007
third nipple as in more than two
do you like my nubbin? Groovy init!
by Katy and Louise March 31, 2006

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