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To be intimate in a sexual way.
Baby, I want to noy tonight

I would love to noy her!
by JWormie June 19, 2011
To open a beer can and only take one sip. Usually done by kids at high school parties who just want to act like they drank a beer to be cool. Should be considered as a waste and most likely tried for treason.
He totally noyed that beer.

Ben doesn't want to drink alcohol, so as to attempt to impress his friends, he will noy a beer.
by Mister Winter December 06, 2009
An abbreviation for the amazing band Nightmare Of You.
The NOY show last night was soo amazing.
by yellowcat/redcat April 20, 2006
Used in place of the word nice. Usually in response to an event, statement, or person/place/thing.
Wanda: Did you go to the concert?
John: Ye, shit was noys!


John: D'at booty's noys!


John: Went, and got it!
Denton: Noys!
by Erroneous73096 June 29, 2013
nice/cool/straight up pimp
i saw this noy car rollin in da hood earlier. i was like check this noy shit out!
by garrett02578`4905 13` April 09, 2007
a hot lady. very very hot lady.
have you seen that noy? damn!
by how you doin afafasffafasfhrj6 November 16, 2012
A goofy asian that is really tall, and is very goofy, definetely overrated as he plays for woodville, occasionally has a moment of intelligence, followed by hours of goofy laughs, but we all love him for his goofyness (and driving into trees)
pat: hey look its the big fella walking this way
noy: ahahaha (goofy laugh/smile)
chiz: he's so goofy
day: i got a small pin
chiz: we all knew that
by chiz77 August 05, 2009

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