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(nov-ick) Adjective. Qualifier of culture, time, or society.

A specific era, age, or zeitgeist such that the time-period is uniquely dominated by previously unknown characteristic experiences, thoughts, or other cultural facets.

A specific type of paradigm shift such that such a shift has not occurred to the knowledge of those experiencing the change in culture.

Portmanteau of Latin words "Novus" and "Hic" which mean "new" and "modern" respectively.

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Novhical (nov-ick-al) Adjective. Qualifier of the items related to causing a novhic.

The specific actions, items, or events that caused a novhic.
The NSA monitoring the American people was novhic for American culture.
The internet age was a novhic of the 20th century, and thus the internet was novhical.
by June 14, 2013
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