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1) HELL!!!
2) A catholic school in carmel valley that is or resembles a burocracy
3) A building that inforces hard and ridiculous rules daily
4) a school run by a parish in debt
Student 1: where were you, Henry?
Student 2: Hell!
Student 1: So then why did you go around in circles? This is Notre Dame Academy.
Student 2: Oh, well then. I guess I made a U turn at the wrong place.
by Darkvalkyrye March 02, 2008
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Best all girls school in Los Angeles. All the girls are hot,smart,and not super-sluts like that of Marymount and Marlborough. Amazing dance and drama department. Also known for outstanding athletics in volleyball and soccer. The girls actually know how to have fun, and aren't stuck up bitches.
Guy 1: I met this girl from Notre Dame Academy. She's so awesome!
Guy 2: Aw, you lucked out bro, this Marymount chick I'm with doesn't even compare to those NDA girls.
by lolllla October 20, 2011
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An all girls high school located on the South Shore that encourages all of best qualities in high school girls: being snobby, caddy, and lacking all self esteem. Like many catholic schools, at Notre Dame, being different is not only looked down upon by the faculty, but also by the students. Run like an internment camp, Notre Dame offers one of the worst all around educations you could get for $12,000/year. Not doing your homework and not dressing like everyone else are two of the worst things that could destroy your "social life." The only social life those who go there have is hanging out with overtly homosexual BC High boys whose complete lack of knowledge about the opposite sex is only comparable to the girls at Notre Dame
Notre Dame Academy Girl 1: So...what are we doing tonight?
Notre Dame Academy Girl 2: Lets do what we always do, get drunk, drive our parents BMW and pick up some BC High guys.
by BlumpkinPumpkin November 20, 2005
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An all-girl, catholic high school in Hingham, Massachusetts. The people who attend this school consist of upper-class snobby bitches from the south shore. Because uniforms are mandatory, girls find other way to flaunt their wealthiness. Such as sporting the latest bag from coach, being decked out in tiffany's, or driving a bmw/audi/range rover to school. a selected 12 or so kids from each grade, the "cool" kids, party together every weekend with the "cool" boys from bc high. these kids really are the shit, and if you aren't in this group you really have no reason to live. everyone at this school is an all over acheiver who eventually goes on to attend bc, bowdoin, bates, trinity, middlebury, vanderbilt, and of course the ivy leagues. all in all, this school sucks.
nda student #1: hey what do you want to do this weekend?
nda student #2: well since we aren't in the group at notre dame academy we don't really have anything do to. we just have to wait until sunday night when they add all their pictures on facebook to see what they did this weekend and how much fun they had
nda student #1: okay!!
by sophie240 October 26, 2008
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Notre Dame Academy {or in this case Academies} are a set of global schools run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Many of the schools are girls only, but there are some co-ed schools. Notre Dame can also be referred to as NDA. These girls are often described as dykes, of which they are not. Notre Dame girls often go out with the guys from the nearby all boys school {such at BC or Saint John's} Most girls are in the upper-middle class, however Notre Dame does offer financial support. Many Notre Dame girls have Vera Bradley, Coach or other designer bags. Many Notre Dame girls are encouraged to play sports, so many do. As ugly and fat as jealous girls make Notre Dame girls out to be, they are not. Notre Dame girls are often skinny and pretty, and very smart. Because they go to an all girls school, they look pretty without wearing make-up, unlike the many trashy girls that call them ugly.
Boy #1: "Wow, I was thinking of going after a Springfield high girl this year."
Boy #2: "I'm going after a Notre Dame Academy girl this year, because they have class and a nice ass."
by chixwithstix August 07, 2012
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Notre Dame Academy is located in Hingham Massachusetts. The girls who attend NDA are very intelligent and GORGEOUS. The girls are very well-rounded and their daily schedule includes- schoolwork (and may I add there is ALOT of it), sports, community service, and of course, some time for a social life. Community service is a very important factor in the Notre Dame community. The girls do not have "community service hours" that they need to finish by the end of the year, instead they are expected to incorporate the service into their everyday lives, and should do it out of the goodness of their heart, not because they need to get it done to pass for the year. Their rivalry is Fontbonne Academy.(I don't know why, considering they aren't much competition for NDA) The girls from NDA go on to great colleges, mostly ivy leagues. This includes- Harvard, Harvard Law, Princeton, etc. Notre Dame Academy is a great environment with supportive teachers and students who will cheer you on every second of the way. Although the amount of work is stressful, alumnae come back and say college was easier! NDA prepares you very well for your future. Not to mention NDA's brother school is BC High, and we all know BCH boys are the nicest and hottest boys & the type of gentlemen you want to bring home to meet the parents!
Fontbonne Girl 1: I hate Notre Dame Academy girls! They are so stupid!
Fontbonne Girl 2: You know they are smarter than us right..?
Fontbonne Girl 1: I know... :(
by NDAGIRL(: March 27, 2013
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