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Notre Dame Academy {or in this case Academies} are a set of global schools run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Many of the schools are girls only, but there are some co-ed schools. Notre Dame can also be referred to as NDA. These girls are often described as dykes, of which they are not. Notre Dame girls often go out with the guys from the nearby all boys school {such at BC or Saint John's} Most girls are in the upper-middle class, however Notre Dame does offer financial support. Many Notre Dame girls have Vera Bradley, Coach or other designer bags. Many Notre Dame girls are encouraged to play sports, so many do. As ugly and fat as jealous girls make Notre Dame girls out to be, they are not. Notre Dame girls are often skinny and pretty, and very smart. Because they go to an all girls school, they look pretty without wearing make-up, unlike the many trashy girls that call them ugly.
Boy #1: "Wow, I was thinking of going after a Springfield high girl this year."
Boy #2: "I'm going after a Notre Dame Academy girl this year, because they have class and a nice ass."
by chixwithstix August 07, 2012

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