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The female version of a man putting another notch on his belt/bed post. The female version means the couple spent the night together but no sex was involved, only intimate pillow talk and/or sharing of feelings. You do NOT want to be this guy. (also see "cuddle bitch")(a girl is to a "dirty slut" as a guy is to a "cuddle bitch")
Bitch 1: "Lauren you slut! I can't believe you let him plug you that easily! Make him work for it next time for fuck sake!"

Bitch 2: "Haha, oh it's okay. We did absolutley NOTHING but talk all night about marriage, gossip, and the new Twilight movie all night long."

Bitch 1: "Oh... I see, well atta girl! That's another notch on the cuddle belt."
by gridironstar October 17, 2010
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