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a person able to ignore or deny certain realities, such as racism, sexism, classism, sexualism, ableism, or religious prejudice by virtue of the privilege associated with membership within a dominant group.

Simple Version: A person who just doesn't "get it".

Word Origin & History
A play on words, the pronunciation of “Not-See” invokes the word “Nazi”. The crimes of the former are passive instead of active – those who would turn a blind eye to injustice rather than perpetrating it themselves. The ideologies of both, however, are predicated upon a certain egocentrism, social privilege, and stark self-versus-other mentality.
1. In front of a gathering of people of various backgrounds, a white police officer introduces himself and explains why he came to work in that state.

"I'm here because I couldn't find work in California thanks to Affirmative Action..."

He does NOT SEE what is wrong with this statement and is therefore a Not-See.

2. "My dick is like a white-supremacist" -- John Mayer

Mayer is a Not-See for not realizing how fucked up this statement is.
by Godheval February 12, 2010
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One who lives in a state of compulsive ignorance.
He's been a real notsee about the tournament ever since he found out his team wasn't going to make it.
by aoeuser October 15, 2009

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