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Everything posted by Andi, ie senseless definitions that are funny only to her.
I will say it one more time, this site is for defining SLANG terms that are used ON THE STREET. Stupid little inside jokes that only you get do not qualify as such. If you want to keep posting this shit go ahead and start your own blog or website. IT'S NOT THAT HARD you fucking cunt.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
Stupid and mindless bullshit defined at UrbanDictionary.com by that increasingly asinine cunt Andi, who thinks that it is funny as hell to define mundane terms with puerile humor and shoddy composition.

Oatmeal is Not Slang when used in the context of eating mushy breakfast foods, despite what the insipid ramblings of Andi may say.

Likewise, using UrbanDictionary.com to write about your daughter, junk food preferences, and used car dealerships is Not Slang.
While randomly searching through the entries of UrbanDictionary.com, I hazarded upon a majority of entries by one "Andi" which clearly fall into the category of Not Slang. Thus, Andi should be tortured anally and killed for spreading her infectious stupidity around the web via the Andi Klan.