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People who are poor and outcasts in society that are jailed for offenses that are specifically designed to harass, segregate, and disenfranchise them. For example, homeless being arrested for sleeping on a park bench, or vagrancy laws for having no source of income. Or resisting arrest, without resisting, or without charges for the arrest. In some cases trumped charges such as assault on a law enforcement officer are added for those who are not disobeying a law. These charges can be extremely serious and intimidating, even when they have no basis in fact.

When people are protesting they may also be subject to harassment and intimidation, especially when the police are gooning for the 1%.
City Commission Meeting
Speaker one:
There are homeless people in our parks. One was charging his cell phone from a City power pole. And another was drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. This is serious. Pretty soon some charity will be feeding people in the park.
Speaker two:
These homeless offenders were clearly not: "Not Too Small To Jail"
by mlhiss January 23, 2013
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