The way one feels upon realization that the US court system may have put to death an innocent person.
Guy to his friend: "O man, this sucks."
Friend: "What happened?"
Guy: "Scientific evidence shows a man put to death in Texas in 2004 was really innocent."
Friend: "Wow dude, that makes me Not Proud to be an American."
by modern thinker September 24, 2011
Top Definition
a person who has realized that you do not have to agree with everything your president and government say or do. this person is one of the few who actually use their right to freedom of speech instead of just going along with the masses.
Hey, Joe, do you actually see any proof that there is a need for this attack on Iraq?
No Bob, i don't, and that makes me not proud to be an american right now.
by freedom of speech June 21, 2003
One who has strong opinions, and nothing more. Is very unhappy with the current administration, but probably didn't vote. Takes out his frustrations here at UrbanDictionary. Mostly harmless.
Keep on posting, Not Proud. I need the laugh.
by tradesman June 25, 2003
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