an nickname for the town Norwalk (in Connecticut)
yo..let's hit up norwack today
by kylia January 26, 2008
Top Definition
A conceptual word defining the town of Norwalk, CT.
Also known as "da wack." Originated from Benjamin Afflick in the hit 1998 sci-fi thriller "Armageddon" when he, playing the role of A.J. Frost (post termination self-employed oil mogul) tries to wed Liz Taylor, daughter of a hard headed employer played by a pre-balding Bruce Willis.
Deedee - Yo LaQuanda, wasnt Derome at the sono movies yesterday with Jamarcus?
LaQuanda - Nah, that niggas on house arrest he isnt allowed out of norwack.

Greenwich yuppie - Charles, set aside your badminton racket and take a gander at this fine dane.
Charles - Why, she is sporting a "Bears" jacket. I believe that is a sign of Norwack, don't associate with those blokes.

Westport kid - Aw shit, we play Norwack's rugby team we're gonna get owned
by Mike Conte January 25, 2006
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