its a place
in england
with lots of scenies
its well fun
better than your skankooo town
northampton, rose of the shires plz !
by hannah(broth) & connie(led) September 30, 2006
classy town in Pennsylvania. Everything need living in the town is located in it. They're high school is enriching, thee best thing for a school. A hearty town. Nice people, refuses to be trampled on by the 70's movement. Very articulate, strengthening, pretty, vivacious and moving. Can do attitude.
Northampton is where it's at. What you be?

I went to swim in Northampton and made out with a model living there.
by footsteps July 22, 2009
An old industrial town in Western Massachusetts that has become very arts and craft oriented in recent decades. Sadly this town is also overrun by lesbians who have periodically taken it amung themselves to try and barricade themselves from non lesbian people and establishments (for instance local periodicals refusing to advertise for non lesbian owned establishments) Also one of Americas birthplaces for the Gay Supremacy movement
Northhampton: land of fruits and nuts
by UUGH August 15, 2005
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