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This is a high school in Pylesville, Maryland. Yes, it's an AG school.
This does not mean that everyone who goes there is a farmer. Also, the school looks like a mall and has never been dirty, in my experience. Sorry we don't have a bunch of drugs and we're nice.
Also, the graduation rate is higher than 86%.
Sure there are cliques and things but they truly aren't as prevalent as other schools; I know from experience.

Take that, haters.
North Harford is awesome. Get your head out of your ass. cmw fallston john caroll
by KaylieAnn January 29, 2010
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The northern section of Harford County, Maryland that bascially encompasses Street, Jarrettsville, Madonna, Whiteford, Rocks State Park, and some parts of Forest Hill. NH is predominately a conservative, confederate flag bearing 99.9% white part of Harford County, which is known for their recently discontinued "Bring Your Tractor To School Day" at North Haford High School, racism, farms, NASCAR fans, John Deere tractors, and high concentration of meth labs and heroin.
"C'mon, man! Let's go to the 4H and tractor pull! Then we can pimp out our John Deeres and spend the rest of the day coming up with nigger jokes!"

"I love North Harford, man..."
by HARCOSLUT April 09, 2006
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