when someone is roundhoused or punched in the face so hard they're balls fly out the nostrils
yea..he just got norrised
by shootok February 09, 2011
Top Definition
To get owned by Chuck Norris or is a Chuck Norris like manner
1. Dude did you see that guy get Round-House kicked?

He got totally Norrised
by Captin Dinosaur August 04, 2009
1) To have something stolen from you by someone that used the method of lying to attain your property, as compared to using force or stealth.

2) To be left or ditched at an undesired location from one of your so-called friends by means of lying.
1) Josh told me that he needed to borrow my lawn mower for a week, but when I went to get it back and saw his house was vacant and up for sale, I realized that I had been Norrised.

2) When Stacy called me from Walmart and said that Josh must have left her there because she couldn't find him anywhere, I realized that she had been Norrised and would need a ride home.
by The Shard Pimp January 20, 2014
A mid-evil Chuck Norris ass kicking. The action of getting the ever-living shit kicked out of you in a demoralizing fashion.
Winkler just got Norris-ed, i dont think he will ever recover.
by sttel .b February 17, 2006
To outwait your adversary or to make your adversary uncomfortable to the point of submission.

To sacrifice one's own comfort in order to make another so uncomfortable that they submit to whatever you are trying to accomplish.
I wanted that couch but he fucking Norris'ed me until I couldn't take it anymore and I gave it up like a bitch!

How in the hell did you end up on the floor? After we fucked she wouldn't leave the bed and I got Norris'ed.
by TheMidge August 09, 2010
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