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This is what blacks call "Snorkeling". Related topic Cuba Divin' Made popular by comedian Ralphie Mae.
I went norklin' wit my auntie and it messed up my weave.
by Moe Beer August 23, 2007
8 1
When a black person describes the act of wearing goggles and a snorkel to go swimming.
"Nu uh gurl, I cain't go norklin, it'll mess up my hurr."
by sel1 August 24, 2008
7 1
When a dog cleans its undercarriage for what seems an eternity and appears to have the ability of breathing through it's asshole.
God damn it, your dog was just norklin' and tried to lick me.
by vark malenzuela January 20, 2012
0 0
The act of chillaxin'.
Person 1: Yo arn't you goinging to do
your sandart homework.
Person 2: Na, I'm jus norklin'

by XSweetLou336X October 20, 2008
2 2