Top Definition
Doing nothing and being bored
Hey hows it going, whats up?
Im nored you?
by mattnike January 03, 2006
the act of doing nothing while bored
Eric i was so nored yesterday i sat in my bed and stared at the wall all day
by evilaznlayos February 15, 2010
1 to be ignored and bored
2 to be super horny
3 to seek gay compainionship
4 to be turned on
1 i feel so nored right now why won't anyone listen to me
2 i am so nored right now , i just gotta shoot a load!
3 i would like to be nored with you; i think you look really nored right now
4 you are making me nored
by black magic 101 February 19, 2008
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