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Small place nearby a lake in the middle of nowhere in Norway! There is alot of forest around, and the people living here is mostly native indians! A big activity here is to drink "hemmbrent", homemade vodka. Or at least make people believe that!

In the summer it's nice to have a boat and be cruising on "Storsjøen" with, the lake around Nord-Odal. If you don't have a boat, it's a big chance that you'll get bored spending your summer here. In the winter, the big activity is to use your car and spin around on the icy roads around. It's really not much more to do here.

Don't expect to much of the people here! You are lucky if you meet someone that have been outside the town. They may not know much about fancy stores or such things. The only shops in Nord-Odal is a Pharmacy (meeting point), a couple of clothing stores (not Armani) and some food stores.

But you might like Nord-Odal quite well if you're not the urban type of person..

Welcome and enjoy your stay!
Two people in Nord-Odal talking;

Indian 1: Hiya, let's do something this weekend

Indian 2: Yea, sure! What should we do?
Indian 1: Let's drink!
Indian 2: What a big suprise!
Indian 1: hou hou!
by Chief Ohaha January 12, 2011
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