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The participation in several events on a single occasion / night.

Making plans with several parties, and trying to keep all appointments with no party aware of the others.
A common plot device in sitcoms, and comedy films.
Jerry: "I have decided to have two dates in one day, to save time"
George: "But how will you be able to meet two girls on the same night"
Jerry: "It is the delicate art of time balancing. I meet one a little early, and for a short date, so I have enough time to meet another girl a little late the same night. Better yet, I decided to meet both in the same place, to save time"
George: "I don't know Jerry, this kind of Norbering could get you into a lot of trouble"
Jerry: "Nonsense, my good friend Norber is doing that for year, and no one is the wisest"
by El Cuervo Grando August 10, 2013
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