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When nipples don't protrude as they normally should and actually invert.
Broom-Hilda StitsHass has a very hot twat, but her tits have nopples instead of nipples.
by Jeff D February 13, 2006

A nipple that isn't really a nipple as it's either been computer generated or drawn

Dan: Yasmin do you have any female nipples on your wall.

Yasmin: No but looking around I have quite a few nopples
by DanOWar92 April 05, 2009
To put ones nipple into anothers eye! not meant to be sexual, just for a laugh really! The act of noppling was defined during a random game of truth and dare! It doesnt have to be a dare tho, i often do it just for fun! Enjoy!
Daring to poke someone in the eye with a nipple would be the act of noppling!
Shelly, i dare you to Nopple James!
by Shelly and James February 22, 2006
A twitter trend started by @odetobenedict, @Colbster221B and @sasstrade. Swaggy and non-explicit version of nipple. Used if you are too ashamed to use nipple in a formal conversation
(In a social gathering)

Boy: Show me your nopples.
Girl: (whispers) You're not swaggy enough to use that word yeah byeeee.
by Benedict's G-string July 18, 2013
when you have no nipples
Dude i have nopples
by mmghost May 16, 2016
A nipple too thick and large to be adequatelly described with a gentle "i" sound....
Holy crap! Did you see the nopples on that babe?!
by noplster April 14, 2011
n. The scar left after a surgical nipple removal.
That guy has very nice nopples.
by jon law December 11, 2007
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