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Phrase shouted when all does NOT go as planned, or when the subject is feeling extreme dismay.
A- Oh,crap! the computer's dead! And I forgot to save my term paper...the one that's due in six hours! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

B- RatchetBoo: Uhhhhhh...Shawn, I've got bad news. Remember that school that's been begging you to go there? They put this in your bed...
*gives me the head of a saluki dog*

by Shawn B. June 01, 2003
A word used in the township of Dundalk to express a very happy feeling.
Colin: "Brian I heard Kiss are playing at the Graspop festival"

Brian: "Nooooooooo!!"
by Graspop2k10 December 01, 2009
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