A bizarre and senseless misintepretation of the name 'Dave'.
Phone Caller: "Hi Roberto, it's Dave. Is Mike there?"
Roberto: "Sure, let me put you on hold."
Mike: "Who is on hold for me?"
Roberto: "I think it's Noof."

by Noofnoof December 25, 2007
A crazy ass horse that can use facebook somehow.
Did you see what Horsenoofin Noof posted today? I lol'd pretty hard!
by HNN January 18, 2011
A word created by Ayumi and Ryrk because they party like rockstars `-` Used to describe anything. Very popular throughout the gaming world.
"Hay, sup my noof"
"Nm noof, u no how it goes"
"Maan, I swear, dat shawty over thar be noofin like hell"
"I'm tryin to noof noof in that"
"`-` Narnia is for noofs"
"Gaiety sucks."
by Source: OmgItsAyumi`-` August 30, 2008
its a mix between a noob and a goof
jimmy spilt beer all over himself

that guy is such a noof
by kevin123 brown April 25, 2010
A person who is perceived as being softer than a Nerf Ball
As marques entered the room, everyone shouted "Noof!"
by yN February 15, 2012
a person (in the first-person shooter Call of Duty 4) that steals a teammate's last stand kill

(noofing - the act of stealing a teammate's last stand kill)
Person 1: "Who stole my last stand kill?!"
Noob: "That was me -
Person 1: "You god damn noof!"
by Teh Death Eater October 06, 2008
an exclamation of particular intrest for Quesadillas;

informal interjection;

used when a particular person is hungry for Quesadillas

Noof, do I sure want a Quesadilla!
by Ink Cartradge JR June 08, 2007

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