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1) go to the nearest taco bell and buy a 12 party pack of tacos
2)Proceed to eat tacos
3)Shit in a bowl
4)Break noodles in half with ur ashole
5)shave your pubes (manscaping)
6)when your partner is sleeping smear the fecal material all over their face
7)sprinkle the pubes on the face, the apply the broken noodles to the cheeks making the appearance of whiskers
8) Take many pictures and post them online
Dan: Hey I'M bored and i love star wars
Kevin: thats awesome i just ate a shit ton of taco bell and i love breaking noodles with my ass cheeks
Dan: i FEEL A noodling the ewok coming on
kEVIN: YOU TOOK the words out of my mouth
by obi-wanna-blowmi September 02, 2010
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