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Noun. Any amount of marijuana that consists of more than one strain. A mixture of more than one type of ganja. A party pack can be contained in a blunt, joint, bowl, baggie, etc., as long as the weed is mixed with multiple strains.
Wow, that party pack was smokin!

"What kind of bud do you have in that baggie?"
"Man, its a party pack! I mixed OJ kush with grandady purp and then I added a sprinkle of white widow. Would you like to smoke a bowl?"
by GalacticGanja November 18, 2013
A smorgasbord of substances to bring to a party in quantities for everyone to enjoy. Party packs contain lean, molly, Xanax, loud (marijuana), and clean (hard liquor).
Tim: yo Jarob, you brought that party pack.

Jarob: hell yeah dude, some sizurp, Molly, xans. enough for everybody
by Ronnie McSqueezybuns July 03, 2016
A pack of ciggs you buy and have no problem handing them out whenever someone ask.
Person 1:Yo, can I have a cigg?

Person 2: you got it dude, this a party pack.
by That Nigga Tee December 14, 2014
A party pack is a pack designed specifically for parties and generally costs right around $80. It includes:
- 1 Natty Caddy
- 1 Handle of Jim Beam (or comparable handle of liquor)
- 1 Big bag of Ice
- 1 Big Sleeve of 16oz cups
- 2-4 ping pong balls
- Mixers (Optional)
Bill: What should we do tonight?
Dan: I think that's obvious...
Bill: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Dan: I think it's Party Pack time!
Bill: Oooooh Yeah! What would the night be like without a Party Pack?
by Party Pack Aficionado February 17, 2012
A pack of at least 12 condoms. Ready for a gang bang or running a train....safely.
"We'll bring a party pack" - said the group of guys to the friendly girl walking past their porch
by Kirzballz August 10, 2011
Usually carried by dudes who like to see everyone else get as intoxicated as they are. It can be a backpack or as simple as a brown paper bag.
Yo mike just pulle d the J.D. out of his party pack.
by Henry sanchez February 19, 2005
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