It is slang for an asians penis.
"man hes got a small noodle"
by wakawaka43 January 10, 2014
a firearm with long bullets, an assault rifle.
"I think this is the guy, be ready to pull back the noodles."
by CorleoneTheBoss March 05, 2012
Guitarist of the punk-rock band the Offspring whose real name is Kevin Wasserman, who was the janitor of Dexter Holland and Greg K's high school. Dexter Holland and Greg K invited him to join the band because he was over 21 and could get them alcohol.
Stupid Offspring Fangirl: OMG DEXTER HE'S SO HOT!
Me (real Offspring fan): What do you think of Noodles?
Stupid Offspring Fanirl: Who's that?
by Schuyler K February 12, 2009
Any sort of mixed, alcoholic drink that is either made in or drank out of a cooking pan.
"We ran out of cups so we just made Everclear and Koolaid noodles in a sauce pan."
by ISH9000 August 19, 2011
Slang Term for Money.
Got any noodles on ye? Im short for i bus'.
by MullaMaster April 22, 2010
The word one uses after proving their statement correct after an intense argument. the reaction used after winning an argument. The act of being put on noodles.
Bob: January has 30 days.
Bill: No it has 31 days... Noodles!

Bill put Bob on noodles after proving Bill's statement to be false.
by Em&M December 11, 2013
The lead guitarist of The Offspring. He's a kind guy who cares for his fans and chats to them on Twitter. He was born on the 4th February 1963. Noodles likes to call the crowd at their gigs sexy.
Dexter Holland: How many of you young ladies out there think Noodles is looking especially sexy tonight?

Noodles: You think I'm sexy? Look at this fucking crowd!
by YesIAmTori February 21, 2013

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