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Noobstep is a playlist of nothing but Dubstep that has been created by someone who has just been introduced to this great genre. It is comprised of Skrillex, Bassnectar, some Dr. P, Mt Eden ("Sierra Leone"), and nothing else. They put the list on repeat, and annoy everyone around them with their lack of variety.
1: "Dude! Check out these songs I just got! It's that new Dubstep stuff :D"

2: "Okay, lets have a look."

1: *grinning profusely*

2: "Skrillex? Bassnectar? Dr. P? Mt Eden???!!! Where's the rest of the music?"

1: "That IS the music :o"

2: "sorry to say this, but this is noobstep. I suggest you go on youtube and look up the following channels: UKFDubstep (beginner), ClownDubstep, 1337Dubstep, and any other Dubstep promotion channel you can find bro."
by Dwahyt January 07, 2012
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