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1. Somebody who is an novice, inexperienced in any activity they participate in and is added to your party, group, alliance, possie, gang, crew, click, or any form of organization. That person is just an add on like a pepperoni to a pizza. Just an addition, but if you are affiliated or associated with a Nooberino, your reputation and credibility is ruined. In most cases, video games, but used in real life too.
Luis: Hey guys!
Ricky: Sup man.
Luis: I just met this guy from the game that we play, and was wondering if he could hang with us.
Leon: Hi guys!
Ricky: Um.. this guys got no skills, he cant run fast, he cant jump high, and he doesnt even have a job or car. Where did you find this NOOBERONI?!
by Ricky Bell February 11, 2008
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