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a super l33t noob that fails at life. this particuler kind of noob likes to waste your time thinking hes so great a can beat everyone at any game, he also likes to boast about how gay he is. if they are on a computer forum they love to suck up to the modarators/admins
Nobazoid:i am so great

Computer dude: dude i just owned you in that game we had

Noobazoid:but now i have skills

Computer guy:that was 5 minutes ago

Noobazoid:STFU man wtf stop flaming me you noob i can beat everyone just leave me alone
by a very sneaky midget March 31, 2009
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a name given to someone who rules on the xbox/playstation :)
i'm noobazoid ing tonight
by noo ba zoid April 16, 2003
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