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An act performed that immediately deems the procurer an absolute Noob or a flat out arse-hole, Either he has no Idea what he's doing, or he's intentionally feeding, Ks'ing a sure kill, etc.

In either case, all Respect is lost and only regained upon the passing of 7 times. On the eve of the 7th day all respect must be returned.

This is a predominately HoN (Heroes of Newerth) related term.

The only other redemption of the Noob-Act is a single handed Genocide or Annihilation, consisting mainly of your influence.
FLASHINATOR: Freakin' Dogged me you Jerk, then you turn around and steal my Kill; then leave me to die... total Noob act.

B345T`M0D3: I earned that man i was tanking that whole time, i need kills some how.

FLASHINATOR: I don't want to hear it; he was stunned for 5 seconds already and then you waste your stun to finish him instead of disabling the carry; it was a total freakin' Noob-Act...
by B345T M0D3 November 01, 2010
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