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A noob rape is when experienced players of a certain videogame trick a new player (the noob) into doing something that ends up getting him/her owned. This usually happens by directing the noob to a place that will get him/her killed, or tricking the noob into pressing a certain button that closes his/her game or messes with his/her settings.
NooB: "Where do I get training 4 my charactr and gain a lvl???//"

Veteran: "Just go to the planet Olympus Mons"
*NooB doesn't know that Olympus Mons is controlled by a hostile force that kills all entruders on sight*

NooB: "kthx ill go ther now!"

VeteranL "10th Noob rape for me this week!"
by BJ's feel good January 15, 2006
the act of humping the dead corpse of a noob in first person shooter games such as Halo3 and CODMW2 etc. usually occurs right after the noob has been pwnd by a more skilled opponent. accomplished by killing a lower ranked player then standing over the limp dead body and frantically crouching and standing back up simulating a humping motion.
dude - did you see that noob rape!

dude2 - heck yes!
by xskwizmx March 18, 2010
Two ways of Noob rape.

1. For some games like bf2 base rape is common and when you tell the noobs not to do it, they run in with the grenade launchers dont giving a shit who they kill, quite fucking retarded...
2. The other way is tricking noobs into something eg; the F10 key :)
Noob: Lmaocakes where do i get tanks and leet haxz !
Normal guy: Erm...Pres alt and f4 for em, you will get tons :)

(Also i had some dumbass fooled for press the start button down for 8 seconds ! LOL, Noob rape is good :P )
by Deathlok May 12, 2006

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