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An umbrella term for people who are sexually attracted to more than one gender (i.e., bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, etc.)
Person 1: I'm bisexual, which also makes me nonmonosexual!
Person 2: I'm pansexual, which also makes me nonmonosexual!
Person 1 and 2 hug and get along.
by nbmft13 January 09, 2016
To be physically, romantically, and sexually attracted to an individual who is either male or female bodied. Specifically, a nonmonosexual person can be attracted to a male bodied person who identifies as female, or vice-versa. Nonmonosexuality differs from bisexuality in that nonmonosexuals can be attracted to gender queer people and ignore the gender binary. It can denote polyamory but does not necessarily imply that a nonmonosexual is polyamorous. Simply put nonmonosexuals are attracted to people.
Nonmonosexual Example 1:
Casey (a gender conforming, female identified, female bodied individual ) is attracted to Blaise (a gender queer, male identified, female bodied individual).

Nonmonosexual Example 2:
Aaron (a gender queer, male identified, male bodied individual) is attracted to Felicia (a gender queer, female identified, male bodied individual and Nicole (a gender queer, female identified, male bodied individual).
by beyondthebinary December 05, 2010
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