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Noun. The word "monstrosity" with the "m" and the "n" cleverly inverted to indicate deliciousness (i.e., that you would nom it. Foods or meals that might be referred to, sarcastically or literally, as nomstrosities because they are huge, filling, rich, hearty, piled high with ingredients or toppings, or ugly to look at, but are also (or inspite of this) delicious would qualify as nomstrosities.

Foods that are delicious despite being an affront to mankind are particular nomstrosities.
John is bringing back six buckets of KFC for us. I can't wait to chow down on that nomstrosity.

Julie's mom is cooking a feast for Thanksgiving; I can't wait to see what nomstrosities she comes up with this year.
by nurse_ansalong August 01, 2011
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